American Biochemicals provides expertise in organic synthesis, small molecule design and optimization, and medicinal chemistry consulting.  Our catalog of over 19,000 compounds supports researchers all over the world.

Devan Balachari, PhD
President & Chief Science Officer
American Biochemicals was founded by Devan Balachari after serving at Array BioPharma during 2001-2005.  His work there in drug discovery and organic synthesis focused on design and development of smart libraries, lead identification, and medicinal chemistry.

His ongoing research is with small molecules that fight cancer, improve PET and SPECT imaging, and help algae biofuels work out.  With 25 years of bench experience in the laboratory and a proven background making better medicines, his novel compounds and process development play an important role in the drug discovery process.

As president and chief science officer at American Biochemicals, Dr. Balachari leads our organic synthesis team and drug development projects. He received his PhD from the University of Madras and completed post-doctoral programs at the University of California – Davis, the University of New Orleans, and the University of Minnesota.

testml-5cGeorge O’Doherty, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Professor O’Doherty is with Northeastern University, Boston, where his laboratory is interested in the use of asymmetric catalysis for the synthesis and medicinal chemistry study of biologically important carbohydrates and natural products.  His group’s synthetic approaches to anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-microbial targets explores asymmetric catalysis for the control of asymmetry, focusing on highly efficient routes that transform, via catalysis, inexpensive achiral starting materials into enantiopure products, which are poised for the conversion into complex molecules with biologically relevant properties.

After receiving his PhD at OSU, he undertook post-doctoral studies at Stanford and Imperial College.  Dr. O’Doherty previously held positions at the University of Minnesota and West Virginia University.

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