Terms & Conditions

American Biochemicals acknowledges receipt of Buyer’s order, and accepts Buyer’s order expressly conditional on Buyer’s assent to the terms and conditions herein contained, whether additional to or different from those in Buyer’s purchase order or any other form or document heretofore or hereafter supplied by Buyer to American Biochemicals.

Prices and shipping times listed in the catalog are subject to confirmation by American Biochemicals.

Use of Products
American Biochemicals products are meant to be used for laboratory research, medicinal chemistry, and drug development.  These chemicals are not to be used for any other purposes unless stated on the product documentation.

Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold American Biochemicals Inc. harmless from and against any and all losses damages and expenses whatsoever or howsoever caused, arising from any use by Buyer of the product; and assumes all risk and liabilities resulting from the use of the products whether used singly or in combination with other products.

Terms are net 30 days after receipt of our invoice if a purchase order is provided.  A purchase order is not required if credit card payment is received when placing the order.

All prices are given in US dollars. Duty, applicable taxes, freight charges and any special packaging charges are excluded and will be added to the invoice.  Current prices will be confirmed at the time your order is placed.

Lost or Damaged Shipments
Products are sold F.O.B. shipping point, fully insured at the buyer’s expense. However, if assistance is required in filing a claim for a lost, incomplete, or damaged shipment, we will be happy to help you.

It is our policy to combine safety and economy to provide the quickest, most efficient method of transportation.  American Biochemicals uses FedEx priority overnight delivery services.  We will ship by an alternative method specified by the customer as needed.  American Biochemicals adheres to all regulations governing the transportation of our products.

American Biochemicals considers quality to be an integral part of all of our chemical products and laboratory work.  Our compounds are shipped with analytical data and indicate the purity. If more information is needed concerning quality, please contact us.

Toxicity and Hazards
All of our chemicals should be handled only by qualified personnel trained in laboratory procedure and familiar with the potential hazards.  Information is not available on the possible hazards of many compounds. The absence of a warning must not be interpreted as indication of safety.  The ultimate responsibility for the proper handling of any and all chemicals lies with the user. All goods sold by American Biochemicals carry the condition that liability for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever to persons or real property resulting from the handling of the said lies with the user. Acceptance of our goods binds the customer to these terms.

American Biochemicals warrants that its products shall conform to the description of such products as given is our catalog and product documentation. This warranty is exclusive, and seller makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

American Biochemical’s sole and exclusive liability and Buyer’s exclusive remedy with respect to products proved to American Biochemical’s satisfaction to be defective or nonconforming shall be the replacement of such products without charge or refund of the purchase price, at the sole direction of American Biochemicals. American Biochemicals shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or contingent damages. Buyer must notify American Biochemicals within 1 week after the products have been received or such products shall be deemed to have been accepted.

No license or immunity under any patent is granted or is to be implied by or from the sale of any product.

Patent Disclaimer
The user is solely responsible for all considerations related to patents while using our chemicals.  Any guidance provided by American Biochemicals is not to be understood as a license to operate under or to infringe any patent.

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